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Positive Psychology Lab

"A joyful life is an individual creation that cannot be copied from a recipe."

- Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi


About Us

Dr. Myriam Mongrain's Positive Psychology Lab is a group of passionate, motivated, and multi-faceted individuals who conduct research on a variety of topics related to human flourishing and its absence (languish). We are made up of a team of doctoral, master's, and undergraduate students. Our research focuses on the integration of the positive and the existential aspects of human lives.

Positive Psychology Lab News

Dr. Mongrain is a Topic Editor for the journal Frontiers in Psychology on the topic of compassion. The call to authors is pasted below.  See the previous edition published in 2021!  (

Expanding the Science of Compassion

About this Research Topic

This special edition examines the physiological, psychological, and environmental systems necessary to access our innate capacities for compassionate responding. We invite papers that are consistent with the possibility this self-transcendent motivational system could evolve through intentional, guided effort. The following broad themes will be considered:

1) Definition of compassion and its components, along with clear operationalizations of the construct integrating Eastern and Western traditions.

2) Brain-based and peripheral biological systems that support this motivational orientation, with an emphasis on information-processing networks.

3) Applications, methods, techniques designed to promote compassionate responding at the individual level. Of special interest is the harnessing of digital technology to promote the greater good.

4) Strategies to help collectives adopt a compassionate stance and shared sense of common humanity.

The contributors are welcome to provide original research and commentaries adding to our understanding of this phenomenon as well as its salutary effects on physiological, psychological, and social functioning. This is particularly relevant and timely in these times throughout the world where human beings need an antidote to their suffering and ways to reconnect with one another.

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